Saturday, March 14, 2009

elodie 3 months - atlanta, georgia

i am still on maternity leave and am taking advantage of it by traveling with michael wherever he goes to dj for theflashdance. this trip took us to atlanta, georgia where spring was slowly bringing everything to life. what a beautiful place. our great friends jesse, whitney (the other half of the flashdance) and their son gracyn hosted us and we had wonderful meals and walks together. while they were working, elodie and i went downtown to the martin luther king exhibit. very powerful and i can't wait to return. so far i love the south. secretly i was wondering if i could steal a car and head down the 80 to dollywood but i don't have THAT much energy just yet. while we were there, jesse took some family photos for us that were nothing short of amazing. so thankful to have the chamberlins in our life for their sense of humor, style and talent. don't you just love her elvis pompadour?

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