Sunday, April 18, 2010

welcome to storytime funland!

ask anyone in my family, i'm a total dork when it comes to children's songs. i love to sing, dance and be silly. So when elodie and i stumbled upon storytime funland at one of our favorite little independent bookstores, stories cafe, I was in heaven! The duo, train conductor daniel and ticket taker mindy, have created an amazing world filled with sea monkeys, golden french fries and choo choo trains. they also sell a cd which every adult who takes their child knows by heart (so nice to not be the only one singing along!). elodie isn't walking yet but loves to watch the other children run around and whoop it up. i can't wait until she is in the front row dancing along!

this is one of our favorite weekly activities. every Wednesday 4:30 pm at stories cafe in echo park.

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