Wednesday, October 14, 2009

10 months old!

elodie fed me for the first time today. she has a habit of taking her little pointer finger and poking the littlest speck of anything she can see, she also does this to her food. she poked at a little pea, picked it up in the crook of her little finger and when i said AAAAHHHHH with my mouth open, she passed the pea over to my mouth but at the last second pulled it away and put it in her own mouth. hey, whatever gets her to eat ;)

she then did it again and slowly retracted the little crooked finger to drop the pea squarely in mama's mouth - PEA!! I clapped and said hooray. she clapped too. food never tasted so sweet.

i love you my big 10 month old. 

right now a cup and lid can keep you entertained for an eternity, you are crawling and starting to lift yourself up and walk along the couch. you can sign for 'more', 'dog', 'please', and 'milk' and you loooove peek-a-boo. you are teething up a storm and aren't sleeping very well but every minute you are awake is a blessing for me (even though i'm so so tired.)

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