Tuesday, October 6, 2009

calming a fussy baby

today elodie did not have a good day. she woke up sniffly, refused to take naps and was hollering when i came in from work. papa went out hunting and gathering at trader joes (and to get a moment's peace from his fussy little girl) so i strapped on the ergo and her eyes lit up. she loves when mama carries her around. while we wound up the hill behind our house on our evening walk she started rubbing her eyes and was asleep before you could say BOO! raleigh and i continued our walk singing a little song, thankful for the beautiful fall evening. we officially celebrated 2 years in LA on sunday and I think about how much our lives have changed since we touched down after our 2 day flight circuit: rome-madrid-nyc-los angeles. we have a little bit of the small winding streets of italy still and the lemon and pomegranate trees in full bloom welcome the colder weather.

we said good night to the hills, the sea and the trees (and downtown) like we always do and headed home. i left her strapped to me and she slept away for a good half hour. a little snoring seemed to do her good and we had a sweet time at dinner and bath.  papa played 'border patrol' with her on the bed which consists of her sitting up, crawling a few feet, rolling over and trying to tumble off the bed as he constantly shifts his legs like see-saws to block her. so crazy and fearless our little baby girl.

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