Sunday, November 8, 2009

pretending it's a gray day

well, I guess it was wishful thinking that i would post every day. but rather than beat myself up, let me tell you how much fun elodie, papa and i have been having lately.

since i last wrote our little baby girl has started cruising around the sofa, has said her first word 'doggie' or 'daddy' depending on who you ask, celebrated her first halloween (pics to follow), gone to seattle and palm springs and is now adept at pulling down her mama's shirt when she wants milk. i particularly like that one. very attractive ;)

i am ending a lovely fall weekend with my little lady - we walked the reservoir, went to the dog park, played on the swings with elton and made lasagna with amalia and lindsay. now listening to sigur ros and looking up cross stitch patterns.

here is a lovely (sigur ros inspired) picture i took of elodie on the ferry to whidbey island. it was gray upside down every which way and you couldn't really tell the ocean from the sky.

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