Saturday, October 31, 2009

elodie's first halloween

elodie decided she wanted to be a zebra. we went to an amazing halloween part on the friday before halloween at the self realization on mt. washington. they had pumpkins carved with ghandi's face, weird fairy princesses handing out stickers, scarecrows and haystacks and a million other amazing psychedelic magical halloween displays, talent shows and even a queen giving children blessings. best yet, it was free! we are hoping that we can make this an annual excursion. it would be great to see what she likes about it next year. at 10 months she is really just into the lights and the big plastic spider that a fairy gave her. and still slobbering all over everything!

Friday, October 30, 2009

shaky legs

wow, listen to her talk! my big 10 1/2 month old cruising along!

Monday, October 26, 2009

pumpkins for all

today was elodie's first trip to a pumpkin patch.
back up.
that isn't entirely true. elodie's real first trip to a pumpkin patch was just over a year ago with her cousins and auntie andrea in utah. cornbellies to be exact. except cornbellies also had fried twinkies, a haunted house, tetherball courts, potbelly pig races and a corn maze with speakers blaring david archuleta. it all goes down hill from there UNLESS you happen to be inside your mama's belly. then I think a pumpkin patch in the valley is a close second.

at any rate, papa, elodie and i got in the car and headed up the 101 to the next best thing to cornbellies.

we were waiting for our friends tim, amalia and elton to join us for some pumpkin fun so had some time to kill. our first stop was to the petting zoo where baby girl FREAKED over the little sheep. we then headed over to the big bales of hay and the tractor where we had a good photo op. the weather was perfect and a bit cool. so welcome after the crazy heat of the last couple of months.

tim and amalia showed up with the littlest gorilla elton! he was not feeling the pumpkin festival at first but then he got happy once his mama held him a little bit. we all went through the corn maze (we cheated and didn't finish it - don't tell) and then picked out a pumpkin. super fun and can't wait to carve the beauty!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

10 months old!

elodie fed me for the first time today. she has a habit of taking her little pointer finger and poking the littlest speck of anything she can see, she also does this to her food. she poked at a little pea, picked it up in the crook of her little finger and when i said AAAAHHHHH with my mouth open, she passed the pea over to my mouth but at the last second pulled it away and put it in her own mouth. hey, whatever gets her to eat ;)

she then did it again and slowly retracted the little crooked finger to drop the pea squarely in mama's mouth - PEA!! I clapped and said hooray. she clapped too. food never tasted so sweet.

i love you my big 10 month old. 

right now a cup and lid can keep you entertained for an eternity, you are crawling and starting to lift yourself up and walk along the couch. you can sign for 'more', 'dog', 'please', and 'milk' and you loooove peek-a-boo. you are teething up a storm and aren't sleeping very well but every minute you are awake is a blessing for me (even though i'm so so tired.)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

fleeting moments

i am so happy that every day i get to wake up to a brand new dawn and a big beaming smile on my little girl's face. funny things elodie was doing today. we went to meet our friends jonathan, louise and brian for a bite to eat - elodie was bent over backward in jonathan's arms while drinking her bottle, she was also whooping it up like a little indian and biting me all over on my shoulders, arms and cheeks. i can't take it all in fast enough.

irving penn (1917-2009)

again, extra happy that i spent last weekend pouring over the awe inspiring works of irving penn.
a true artist.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

calming a fussy baby

today elodie did not have a good day. she woke up sniffly, refused to take naps and was hollering when i came in from work. papa went out hunting and gathering at trader joes (and to get a moment's peace from his fussy little girl) so i strapped on the ergo and her eyes lit up. she loves when mama carries her around. while we wound up the hill behind our house on our evening walk she started rubbing her eyes and was asleep before you could say BOO! raleigh and i continued our walk singing a little song, thankful for the beautiful fall evening. we officially celebrated 2 years in LA on sunday and I think about how much our lives have changed since we touched down after our 2 day flight circuit: rome-madrid-nyc-los angeles. we have a little bit of the small winding streets of italy still and the lemon and pomegranate trees in full bloom welcome the colder weather.

we said good night to the hills, the sea and the trees (and downtown) like we always do and headed home. i left her strapped to me and she slept away for a good half hour. a little snoring seemed to do her good and we had a sweet time at dinner and bath.  papa played 'border patrol' with her on the bed which consists of her sitting up, crawling a few feet, rolling over and trying to tumble off the bed as he constantly shifts his legs like see-saws to block her. so crazy and fearless our little baby girl.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

the getty center

today elodie and i had the whole day to ourselves. papa had to go work and so i pondered our many options - the 80 degree day made the world our oyster - so where to go? the beach? the zoo? the park? the farmer's market and flea market in silverlake? auntie marisa stopped by with some pastries just as elodie woke up from her morning nap. we visited for a bit then elodie and i headed out. i drove for about 10 minutes aimlessly, then it hit me...the getty center! the gardens are really fantastic and there was an irving penn photography exhibit that i wanted to check out.

we spent the afternoon lazing about in the sun, taking a guided tour to learn more about the beautiful gardens and walked through 3 great exhibitions. the highlight of one of the exhibits was this photo by lewis carroll titled 'st. george and the dragon' taken in 1875. fantastic.

we then met up with jiro, kristin and phoenix for dinner at nicky d's pizza - elodie and phoenix sat next to each other in high chairs and phoenix fed elodie her first olive. she kept grabbing his hand, pointing at him and chatting away excitedly.

now it is the end of the day and I feel summer drawing to a close. i'm ready to let elodie's first summer go, it was a beautiful one.

then followed that beautiful season... summer....
filled was the air with a dreamy and magical light; and the landscape
lay as if new created in all the freshness of childhood.
~henry wadsworth longfellow