Friday, May 1, 2009

meet me at the chateau...

today i had a lovely 3 hour lunch with elodie, my friend ulrika and her gorgeous 6 month old boy kasper at the chateau marmont. michael took this picture right before we left for our mama date. honestly, the best thing about having an infant is that you can take them ANYWHERE! all they care about is that they are near you! we just laid them out on the floor on their blankets with a few little teething toys and they were happy as clams. 

i know people have written a thousand times about the aden + anais muslin blankets but really, they are that great so I'm gonna say it as well! i use them to swaddle her, burp her, as a regular lightweight blanket and a cover while breastfeeding. i also like the new muslin dream blankets that they have come out with. this is definitely my new baby shower gift!!

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