Thursday, April 8, 2010

from mexico, with love.

mariachis & margaritas & mayan ruins OH MY! michael was booked to play at a wedding on the beach in riviera maya, so we packed up the baby and headed to the yucatan peninsula in search of coconut trees, turquoise waves and white sandy beaches. oh, and hammocks! lots and lots of them for relaxing! we found an abundance of them in tulum (where we stayed). we happened upon coqui coqui, a charming little hotel/spa/perfumerie (i came home with a suitcase full of 'flor de naranja' and 'madera') where we slept under the stars in a stone house on the beach. elodie played in the waves, we ate loads of fish tacos, went to some amazing mayan ruins, and michael even found time to book another mexico wedding! max recommended a fabulous photo app for the iphone before we left and here are the results. enjoy!


  1. so so so gorgeous. wow! you & your sweet family are lovely; and these mexico sneak peeks are sooo tempting... makes me want to hop on a plane!

  2. beautiful pictures! what photo app did you use?