Tuesday, October 19, 2010

going up...

you know when you are running to catch an elevator and wham! are greeted with this -

it is awfully tempting to wait for the next one. or better yet take the stairs. starting a blog in 2010 can feel an awful lot like that. there are so many talented people out there with such great points of view. who needs another blog? (no one. we need to log off and spend more time sitting on our porches picking at a banjo) at any rate, thank you for stopping by. i know how saturated you are and i do hope to let you leave feeling a little bit happier. okay, guess i'm getting in. ladies, move over! 


  1. i love this. Just found you. I'm very much enjoying the ride in your elevator!

    Hope that doesn't sound too creepy? When i read it back it kinda does!