Monday, October 25, 2010

what a weekend!

thank you so much to my friends and supporters who came to the opening of the littlest at hd buttercup. what a lovely crowd. apartment 3 + unique LA did a fantastic job and partygoers shopped the night away. there are still plenty of fun gifts for all ages so do stop by if you are in the LA area. i can't wait to post photos from the event!

and the weekend only went up from there, i've never had a babysitter two nights in a row so i made the most of it. here's a wrap-up.

1. a halloween puppet show at little barn - i must admit a little too much for elodie so we left early but grandpa and grandma enjoyed.
2. lunch at ford's filling station in culver city (caramelized onion flatbread and butternut squash soup. yum)
3. counting raindrops on a walk with the babe and the dog. we got derailed at 60 although there were loads more than that.
4. lovely dinner at lil dom's in los feliz.
5. a birthday party in a MORTUARY - eating tacos in the graveyard and dancing up a storm. wow!
6. papa was in austin, texas so elodie and i had an early morning cuddle session.
7. a children's birthday party on sunday - perfect fall day to be outside running around in the park.
8. pumpkin carving! pumpkin seed and guts everywhere!
9. papa comes home. we read books and made dinner together.
10. a beautiful evening walk. fall has arrived!

i wanted to share a little halloween home movie adam sanger made with his daughter (i love his little girl's outfit). he worked on tim burton's coraline which i just adore. have a fun and spooky week my friends!

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