Monday, November 29, 2010

the beauty in every day

a fellow graphic designer and dear friend of mine just sent me the being there diary by frank chimero. i have always struggled with journals and have had some great years as well as lean years in the dear diary department. i am proud to say that i have filled almost two journals since elodie was born and have made a so-so attempt at this blog (ha!) well frank has made it easy by asking the question, 'what was the very best moment of your day?' c'mon, i had to have at least one moment to write about, right? i am excited to, once a day, give thanks for what the day has brought me!


  1. What a fantastic little diary / journal. It's absolutely perfect for those uninspired days. And I really LOVE the tagline on his website "Good questions beget good answers."

  2. I LOVE this! Kind of like a daily gratitude journal (which I need to get my act together and start)