Monday, November 15, 2010

let's remember to dance shall we?

i had to smile when i saw this watercolor from the wild unknown. i love t rex and something about the lyrics of cosmic dancer always make me want to break out in dance and hopefully a cloud will burst open and rain come pouring down while i'm spinning in circles and then a rainbow appears out of nowhere and the sun is shining through the glistening raindrops. ok. i've perhaps had too much coffee today. anyway, you must check out the rest of her website. serious, inspired beautiful gifts!

image via the wild unknown


  1. hee. the other week paige tweeted something about t.rex and i thought oooh, i love marc bolan! stupid jamie. *of course* she was talking about a DINASOUR. then i saw your tweet and though oooh, i love marc bolan! (i am a slow learner) then reminded myself, she is probably talking about dinasours..... hee. cute!