Wednesday, November 17, 2010

we are 23 months

i'm one of those silly mamas who give their babies age in months. for a while it was days, which slowly turned into weeks (while michael rolled his eyes), then we graduated to months. now it looks like we are about to graduate to years. my math is too horrid to calculate that she is, say, 31 months old.

i don't know how it happened but my little baby girl is almost two. 23 months has been pretty charming and also terrifying. the emergence of that big personality has me hook, line and sinker. but wow, when the clouds come over her and there is a squall, i hold on to whatever is around. and usually just stand there looking pretty sheepish. i'm pretty sure she knows i have no idea what i'm doing.

activities she likes:
- puzzles (melissa and doug puzzles we have had around for ages are suddenly grabbing her attention)
- she is really into filling up an old protein powder container with bow tie pasta and cooking it with her little toy vegetables
- magna doodle - she loves to draw and erase and point to her scribbles and say 'look, an airplane'

songs she likes:
- little bird, little bird by elizabeth mitchell
- jingle bells
- sleigh bells, reindeer & snow from john waters fantastic christmas album

as the sun sets on her second summer, i want to give thanks for all the joy she brings to my life. happy 23 months elodie!


  1. hello!
    i ran across your blog recently and love it...
    i had to comment today because my son's favorite song is little bird by elizabeth mitchell as well! we love all her songs and have all her records but little bird is always the go-to track!

    xo sara

  2. Oh how nice to see "Elodie" written in the sand when I randomly found your blog. Its my daughter Georgia's middle name!

  3. lovely, as always. happy almost birthday, elodie. we can't wait to celebrate!