Thursday, December 16, 2010

look at this amazing bed!

so michael and i were just talking about how well elodie has been sleeping lately. but it's s-l-o-w-l-y dawning on me that she is getting really good at scaling furniture and i know it's a matter of time before she climbs out of the crib. (crossing fingers that she lands on her bum) i'm not sure that she is ready for the big girl bed just yet but happened upon this today and started thinking, hmmm, this bed could be worth the sleepless nights. we're gonna hit that rough patch again no doubt so might as well do it in style!

 and what a great idea for a toddler table...

images: oh dee doh


  1. That is a very cool bed. I love the rustic look & how cute is the little girl in her Chucks?

  2. Just discovered your blog. It is presh! I love finding other momma bloggers!

  3. hello, i just find your blog, and i actually can't stop to see this! it's absolutely amazing, i like your style, the photo and the subject, your family seems really beautiful as you seems a perfect mom!
    nice to see you, Marta from italy

  4. thanks everyone. just putting up things when i have time. hope you are having a wonderful holiday! xo

    p.s. i love the chucks on her!

  5. what a stunning bed its just gorgeous!!


  6. That is such a sweet bed:) Glad you've seen the link:) I really love those photos:) Merry Christmas:)