Thursday, December 30, 2010

ainsi font, font, font les petites marionettes...

so today elodie and her friends went to see a great rendition of the nutcracker performed by marionettes! it was sweet to see all the little children held rapt by the sugar plum fairies, lollipops playing guitars, sparkly elephants and, of course, the nutcracker and his nemesis the mouse king. the bob baker marionette theater is the longest running puppet theater in the united states and we feel pretty special to be so close to this historical monument.  i'm in love with the little puppets and set design, so creative and colorful. after the show they have a little ice cream party and you can meet the legend bob baker himself. a great rainy day activity!

apologies for the crap photos, i was too dazzled by the children and the puppets to focus on the camera. 

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  1. oh i wish we had something like that where we live (MN). bollocks!