Wednesday, December 8, 2010

party like yer two years old!

now that i am back from mexico (for two seconds before we leave for atlanta on friday) it's time to start planning elodie's second birthday party! i have to admit, i don't really like 'themes' for the little babe. but it will be a big shin-dig as we are inviting all of her little friends and schoolmates to peek-a-boo playland. next time i have a baby, i'll definitely plan for a month where we can have a big outdoor park party but december is hard!

we are going to have the smilebooth there (naturally) and one of ashley's lovely backdrops! i'm thinking about getting some cute old school animal masks like in stella's lookbook, what do you think, too creepy? i kinda like! or maybe some cute holiday cutout masks? i'm not super crafty but i am sure wielding a pair of scissors won't keeeel me!

image: stella mccartney kids


  1. dude! being a winter baby is such a freeze! i always wish for outdoor parties, and always thought i would have a SUMMER baby. guess those things can be a little hard to plan. ;)

  2. I am sure the party will be super fun and fabulous! Get some crazy and fun sunglasses. Kids will dig that.:)

  3. i am sure she will have a blast! i'm going to get some kooky glasses for the smile booth. good suggestion!