Friday, October 29, 2010

trick or treat!

i am really looking forward to this weekend. parties, parties and more parties! first up - the annual halloween bash at the self realization fellowship on mt. washington. we went last year and it was incredible. we are also going to make pumpkin cookies using the recipe from daily candy kids - looks yummy. then a bit of trick or treating and i'm off to the flashdance extravaganza at the ace hotel in palm springs. i figure it's the last year i can really sneak away on halloween without too much of a fuss from elodie (she's not even 2!) ok, no more internet! time to complete my costume...shhhhhhhh. sneak peak!

Monday, October 25, 2010

what a weekend!

thank you so much to my friends and supporters who came to the opening of the littlest at hd buttercup. what a lovely crowd. apartment 3 + unique LA did a fantastic job and partygoers shopped the night away. there are still plenty of fun gifts for all ages so do stop by if you are in the LA area. i can't wait to post photos from the event!

and the weekend only went up from there, i've never had a babysitter two nights in a row so i made the most of it. here's a wrap-up.

1. a halloween puppet show at little barn - i must admit a little too much for elodie so we left early but grandpa and grandma enjoyed.
2. lunch at ford's filling station in culver city (caramelized onion flatbread and butternut squash soup. yum)
3. counting raindrops on a walk with the babe and the dog. we got derailed at 60 although there were loads more than that.
4. lovely dinner at lil dom's in los feliz.
5. a birthday party in a MORTUARY - eating tacos in the graveyard and dancing up a storm. wow!
6. papa was in austin, texas so elodie and i had an early morning cuddle session.
7. a children's birthday party on sunday - perfect fall day to be outside running around in the park.
8. pumpkin carving! pumpkin seed and guts everywhere!
9. papa comes home. we read books and made dinner together.
10. a beautiful evening walk. fall has arrived!

i wanted to share a little halloween home movie adam sanger made with his daughter (i love his little girl's outfit). he worked on tim burton's coraline which i just adore. have a fun and spooky week my friends!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

introducing...the littlest!

it's finally here! the opening of the apartment 3/unique LA pop-up shop at hd buttercup! the opening party is this friday, october 22nd from 8-11 pm. i'm really excited to be a part of this venture. this time last year i wouldn't have thought of my project being in a brick and mortar shop so another lesson in being open to where the road takes you. lots of good things to come!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

il n'est jamais trop tard

i have pre-ordered a sweet little book illustrated by the super talented, camilla engman, written by giovanna zoboli called il n'est jamais trop tard (it's never too late...). The original translation is in italian but since i am haphazardly teaching elodie a second language she is getting quite the collection of french books. i love the colors and the big bear that is helping the little boy go rogue! i hated going to sleep when i was his age.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

going up...

you know when you are running to catch an elevator and wham! are greeted with this -

it is awfully tempting to wait for the next one. or better yet take the stairs. starting a blog in 2010 can feel an awful lot like that. there are so many talented people out there with such great points of view. who needs another blog? (no one. we need to log off and spend more time sitting on our porches picking at a banjo) at any rate, thank you for stopping by. i know how saturated you are and i do hope to let you leave feeling a little bit happier. okay, guess i'm getting in. ladies, move over! 

Sunday, October 17, 2010

happy 22 months elodie

we spent a wonderful day at the long beach aquarium. she loved the seals and the jellyfish the most. i'm going to remake this dress in a zillion different ways. it is a perfect play dress for an extremely active toddler. maybe in chambray?

Sunday, October 10, 2010

the spookiest halloween dance party ever!

so my main squeeze is throwing a whopping big party for halloween at the ace hotel in palm springs on sunday october 31! a dinner party, dance party and pool party (after the dance party EVERYONE'S going in!) this is a one-stop halloween spook-tacular! look for me dressed up as _________ in the smilebooth! so many of my amazing friends are part of this event. bash please design, the smilebooth, sharkpig is MCing and more!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

just hitched

i went to the funnest wedding event last night. i didn't even know that such a thing existed. my beyond talented friend, paige, threw a wedding showcase HITCHED and featured the most creative, talented vendors imaginable. no, i'm not just saying this because michael was djing or the so creative ashley meaders was there with the smilebooth, i did not see ONE vendor of this caliber during my entire wedding prep (back in the olden days of 2006) and believe me i looked everywhere. there were plenty of drinks, sweets, dancing and confetti to make one heck of a night. can you tell we are having fun in these lovely photos by sarah yates?

baby car wash

the children had a fantastic time sudsing up their tricycles today! there were sponges, squeegees to wring water out of (particularly fascinating amongst the 17 month old set) and tons of bubbles. we love betsy's classes - always so neat to see the children playing in new ways...