Friday, January 14, 2011

25 months - let's dress up!

elodie has a couple of friends who are a mere 2 months older than her that are obsessed with dressing up. whenever we have playdates they giggle and run to the closet and proceed to pile the dresses on.  my mama friend said, 'oh yeah, just you wait, it's like a fever that hits them.' well, i must report, that the bug did indeed hit our house this week and elodie could be seen at any given time with no fewer than 9 articles of clothes on her body. scarves, necklaces, hats, tutus, dresses, socks, boots look out! let the fun begin!

p.s. happy 25 months elodie. you put some amazing sentences together and love to tell me what to do (mama do this, mama read this, mama sing it). you sing jingle bells, B-I-N-G-O, do-re-mi (you say 'do reindeer song') and the lonely goat herd. count to 20 in french. love to push your stroller and baby around and spend loads of time playing with your puzzles, drawing and reading books. i love you!


  1. Love your blog. Your posts are always so full of love for your friends and family and you are such an inspiration to a soon to be Mummy. Laura,Uk

  2. Oh God, too much cuteness. Just wait until she's three. my classroom is like a giant dress up bin explosion all day, every day.