Tuesday, January 11, 2011

pennies from heaven...

happy 1-11-11! here is a little video sharkpig put together for us. the song
is perfect and stops me in my tracks every time i want to complain about something!
and doesn't our dog raleigh make a smashing baritone?

every time it rains it rains,
pennies from heaven
don't you know each cloud contains,
pennies from heaven
you'll find your fortune falling,
all over town 
be sure your umbrella is upside down,
trade them for a package of sunshine and flowers
if you want the things you love,
you must have showers.
so when you hear it thunder, 
don't run under a tree,
there'll be pennies from heaven for you and me...


  1. Okay this is the possibly the cutest video ever. I love the lyrics and am motivated to make some sweet videos now of my little boy.

  2. What a lovely bit of sunshine this has added to my day :-)

  3. i love your backyard. and what a perfect song!

  4. oh my! so cute! also totally lusting after your record shelving :)