Monday, January 24, 2011

tuesday to do

in the spirit of johnny cash's awesome list above, here are my to do's for tomorrow:

1. get out of bed
2. have a 'tea party' with elodie
3. kiss michael (this might be number one actually)
4. take raleigh on a walk
5. have family coffee
6. work on my online shop
7. write elodie's birthday thank you notes (better late than never?)
8. go to the fabulous bri's birthday party!
9. kiss my honey while he's rocking the dance floor. a must.
10. make at least 6 goofy faces in the smilebooth  - see a recent one here.

*bonus* *bonus* *bonus*
 call grandma!

img: horse hunting


  1. Hey, thank you very much for dropping by my blog too :) Have a good day. gros bisous de France

  2. Such a great post i love it, im a queen of lists its quite bad i have list of list to do :)


  3. Your list made me smile...
    Lovely blog I discover today.
    A common passion for children's vintage.
    Urbanbroc (center of France)

  4. your list is fantastic! and johnny's list made my entire week. he's so genius!

  5. thank you for reminding me to call my grandma today! :) xo

  6. So cute! It is a lovely day for a walk.