Friday, January 7, 2011

work it

it is sooo hard to commit to working out. and i have even less time to read those fitness magazines that say, 'take the stairs' or 'do crunches at your desk' or whatever. but i am obviously aware of how good i feel when i work out. and it doesn't take me a zillion hours to shake off my sleep. so instead of joining a gym, i'm pulling out some tried and true dvds. here are two that i adore.

the first is shiva rea's yoga shakti. this dvd has 4 practices and also a yoga matrix which allows you to add sequences according to the frame of mind you are in or the areas you need to open. if you've been sitting at a computer all day, you can focus on lunges and hip openings. if you are feeling sluggish, there is a more energizing sequence. if you need to relax and settle into the evening, the lunar flow is for you. if you've been sleeping with your baby or breastfeeding, there are shoulder openers. something for everyone, beginning or advanced. i have pulled this dvd out for years and always feel my mood improve after even 20 minutes on the mat.

the second dvd, tracy anderson's method mat workout is great for resistance training and works muscles you never thought you had. i feel like a total idiot when i'm doing it so aim for nap time or when michael isn't around but definitely feel great afterwards. i also hear her post-pregnancy dvd is great but this is the one i bought when i was 3 months post-partum and it kicked my behind for sure. you might not love it, but you will see results! also, i bought her dance cardio workout and i seriously was not coordinated enough to do it even once. oh well.

image: sweet bestiary


  1. I agree with you. It is very difficult ...especially in the winter!
    Thanks for the dvd recommendations. With a toddler and being preggo dvd's are the closest I will get to working out this winter!

  2. The dance cardio is ridiculously hard. It made me want to throw rocks at my TV.
    But the cardio DVD inside her book is much, much easier if you're interesting in giving it another try!