Tuesday, February 15, 2011

afternoon delights

this weekend with you was a dream. french class at the alliance française, a long walk in the hills, finding a cute little wooden giraffe pull toy and other curious things (such as the lamb at top) at the rose bowl flea market, family dinner at oinkster and making sweet valentines for our friends.

this month has been all about imaginary play, you like to cover us with blankets and tell us to go to sleep, your sentences are fuller, more directive. you are running circles around us and we love watching you grow. you love taking a book to bed with you and it ends up entertaining you in the morning. i love every little thing about you. happy 26 months elodie!

your favorite things this month:
play silks
this tea set
this big book

your favorite songs:
skip to my lou
jingle bells (still)
lonely goatherd (from sound of music)

images: any photographers out there, excuse my pictures, i do my best with a big bag of diapers and a crap lens!


  1. you are the most amazing mama. one day, she is going to love this. xo

  2. love that little giraffe. elodie is a total doll!

  3. This is such a sweet post..My heart is melting while reading it:)

  4. Where did you buy her adorable t-strap shoes?

  5. on zappos. they are foot mates and have lasted quite a while!

  6. awww elodie with the giraffe is fantastic! i love that she loves Lonely Goatherd......so sweet!

  7. so sweet! the giraffe on a string is just delightful and your little girl...beautiful as always. I love this stage of a child's life: reading this post makes my heart sing