Tuesday, February 8, 2011

hooked on hitched

sooooo the main reason we were in the desert was for hitched! bash please's amazing wedding showcase at the ace hotel in palm springs. so many people contributed to this event it would be impossible to name them all. from the groom's lounge styled by rue magazine to the honeymoon danceoff, it was eye candy all night! the highlights for me? the aqualillies synchronized swimming, the smilebooth with friends and of course dancing the night away with the flashdance!! didn't make it? click here to see a video of the festivities. if i were looking to get hitched (been there, done that) i would snap that kelly harris and paige appel up - lickety split!

image: erin hearts court, smilebooth


  1. How fun! And I am in love with those Smile booths! What cute pics! xo Samantha

  2. can't get enough of smile booth lately. It is so much fun. These photos are adorable!

  3. Those events look too incredible fun! The Mattson2 are friends of ours and played our wedding in August...seeing them in the video brought back memories from our awesome day! Thanks!