Wednesday, February 2, 2011

snowboarding big sister adventure!

tomorrow we are heading to park city! it will be elodie's first trip to the snow and she also gets to hang with her five (count 'em) cousins while michael and i have a valentine's day date on the slopes. perfection! as i was sitting down to write this quick post i started thinking about how really lucky i am to also be visiting my big sister andrea. 

i read this recently, 'to the outside world we all grow old. but not to brothers and sisters. we know each other as we always were. we know each other's hearts. we share private family jokes. we remember family feuds and secrets, family griefs and joys. we live outside the touch of time.' 

this is so true and i hate how far-flung they are from me. so i'm setting the intention to see so much of my sisters this year that they grow sick of me! which probably won't be too hard, i can be quite annoying.


  1. What sweet pictures! Hope you had fun snowboarding.

    Followed you here from a quote on Twitter.


  2. There's something so magical about old family photos! I happened across your blog from the bando blog, and am definitely bookmarking! :)