Monday, February 28, 2011

time travelin'

michael always makes fun of me because i have the memory of an elephant and often say 'this time last year we were...', well, since this is my space to record what i choose, i'm going to time travel a bit.

oscar weekend reminded me of our first family road trip out to palm springs when elodie was a mere 8 weeks old. our friends were sweet enough to have us stay at the ace hotel during the soft opening and be the 'family' in their travel + leisure spread. it was a beautiful time to go - the hotel was almost deserted (unheard of nowadays!) and i remember taking walks in the moonlight trying to soothe this brand new being. the oscars were on the night we arrived and i felt so out of touch with the outside world. as anyone with a new baby can attest, those first few weeks are so dreamy. last night we went to an oscar party at my friend amanda's house - so fun to see elodie pal around with her friend malena. how quickly they change! for instance, this is her on that trip at 8 weeks...

and exactly a year later in 2010, just learning to walk...

and now, a beautiful, vibrant 2 year old...

it's true, i love walking down memory lane!!


  1. so darn cute.

    i was just thinking about how i am using up all my vacation days during my maternity leave. wondering if we might be up for a road trip before it is over.... i dunno....

  2. i love walking down memory lane with you.

  3. Whoa. She is a stunner. Like stunner stunner. And possible Weekly Kiddo......

  4. typing with tears in my eyes, my niece is a little person I hate missing all of this. C

  5. I just stumbled upon your blog and am in LOVE with it and your beautiful baby girl!! Not a baby anymore, but aren't they always our babies?? I have a 7 month old and still think he's a newborn!

  6. The hammock picture is simply scrumptious! Makes me swoon!!