Tuesday, March 15, 2011

big girl

elodie is in love with these new little letters that spell her name. i found sarah's blog, the smiling heart, through a friend of mine and was immediately touched by their desire to expand their family through adoption. learn more about sponsoring their puzzle project, the proceeds go towards the adoption of their sweet baby boy, or buy an alphabet!

you are 27 months now. we say you are a big girl and you respond, 'no, i'm a little baby' and do a little baby cry. you love to ride your bike, play in the sand and climb so well now.

some things you are starting to say which blows my mind:

when you see a traffic light you say 'green means go! yellow means s-l-o-w d-o-w-n, red means STOP!'

i picked up a book to read to you this morning and you said 'once upon a time there was a...' (whoa!)

you picked up something the other day and said 'oh my gosh. it's amazing!'

a lot of times when you do something or have something you say 'what's elodie have? what's elodie doing?'

your favorite songs right now:
do-re-mi (still)
wheels on the bus
twinkle little star
trot old joe
bare necessities

favorite book:

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  1. I am always looking to support families who are trying to adopt. Those letters are absolutely adorable.

    Its hard to see your little ones grow up. So bittersweet. My "baby" boy will be two next month:(