Friday, March 25, 2011

i see color bars

every year i do a cleanse of some kind on the equinox and i had mine all set to go, except, i just wasn't feeling like it. a super moon, equinox and tons and tons of rain = lots of espresso and chive gruyere biscuits.  i can list all of the things that have caused me to feel scattered over the past few weeks but, yawn, i'll skip it. suffice to say, i feel like a 5 year old trying to sit still in church. i just haven't been carving out the time to reflect on the days as they pass.

it's no surprise our western calendar that marks the new year doesn't sync up with nature. right now is a time of rebirth and renewal. the world is coming alive from a long winter's sleep and it's time to turn over a new leaf! so while i might start my cleanse in the coming week (or not) i am definitely trying to plug back into my consciousness. i've pulled out a book that always re-orients me called the heart of yoga by t.k.v desikachar. the author is the son of the famous yogi, sri t. krishnamacharya and the book is the distillation of his father's philosophy on yoga. it's an easy read and really helps me look critically at my actions. so sad that i have more time to read about yoga then to actually do it! i guess that is also my choice isn't it? sigh.

image: abalone by adrian behzadi


  1. Here in NYC the snow didn't stop all week so it definitely doesn't feel like the equinox. Going to look into a cleanse myself but not until I see some sunshine!

  2. I completely understand how it doesn't feel like the equinox! I have a smoothie every morning for breakfast and now I have to heat up my room to like 70 something degrees (thank God I don't pay for electricity!) just to drink it! :D
    I hope it becomes more like springtime soon!