Wednesday, March 2, 2011

spring, don't be shy...

the cherry blossoms and jasmine flowers are already blooming in los angeles and it smells like a bordello. spring, i see your magic everywhere i look! i even just found a little ladybug in my refrigerator. elodie and i put her outside which i'm sure makes her an extra happy bug.

let's play in the sunshine and grow strong and healthy.

image: shona heath, stylist extraordinaire.


  1. Sounds wonderful. Please send some of that lovely warm weather our way:) Kisses and have a nice day

  2. So I am kind of jealous of anyone living in CA right now;) When I visited in January I realized why no one would ever want to leave!
    Dying for spring:)

  3. can't wait for more warm weather. shona heath is amazing!