Thursday, April 14, 2011

28 months old

my little girl. this last month has been huge for you. when i look at videos from even 4 months ago i see the leaps you have made in your language and your physicality. you love to climb, hop and run so fast. you climbed up into your chair for breakfast and said 'i getting so big' - bittersweet words for your mama. your favorite phrase is 'i do it myself' and i know you are realizing that you have a separate world from your mama and papa. your tantrums, oh honey, you are getting so good at those tantrums. i just try and picture a little squall passing over the sky and know that it will just be a moment until i get to see your beautiful smile again. spring is here and i am so grateful to be sharing a new season with you.

your favorite songs this month:
give said the little stream
once upon a dream (from sleeping beauty)

your favorite books:
caps for sale
spring is here
ollie the stomper

and p.s. i was reading you a book tonight and asked you where something was and you said 'i don't know!' (you've never said that before)

p.p.s.s. at dinner i announced that i ate all of my pasta and you pulled back from the table a bit, clapped your hands and said 'BRAVO!' - that's my girl!!


  1. Oh I adore Caps for Sale. It was a BIGTIME favorite of mine :)
    And are you LDS? I've never heard anyone else talk about Give Said the Little Stream, such a great song.

  2. happy 28 months little E! and happy 28 months of being a mama to you! xo

  3. SO sweet!!