Friday, April 15, 2011

good night little darlin'

we have quite a treasure trove of songs we listen to at bedtime. music is a critical learning tool for children and also a great way to relax and soothe them. here are a few of elodie's favorite songs for bedtime...

1. good night little arlo - woody guthrie
2. shake sugaree - elizabeth cotten
3. caribou - pixies (rockabye baby!)
4. stay awake - julie andrews (from mary poppins)

click to listen now (or right click to download)

what do your little ones like to hear? i'll be sure and share more next month!


  1. i love love love goodnight little arlo! currently sienna has been loving anything elizabeth mitchell- one of my favorite's is david's mandolin. thanks for reminding me i need to refresh our music selections and hit play more on the stereo when we are hanging around the house.

  2. good night little arlo is a favorite of mine. i don't have little ones but music is a big part of my night time/wind down routine.

  3. Such a sweet play list! I found your site on Top 25 Moms with Style and really dig it. Best wishes!

  4. oh so sweet! love this! i need some new material to put into rotation around here... i sing different songs to my youngest than my oldest, and right now we're into a lot of old elton john (tiny dancer, daniel, & your song), the beatles (blackbird & yesterday), and believe it or not, paramore. i know. kinda strange, but she likes what she likes! ;)