Monday, April 18, 2011

a trip down king's highway

highlights from a beautiful southern california weekend. i was born and raised here and i am in constant awe of it's diverse beauty...

- elodie's first sleepover with the appels (she dyed easter eggs and rode her bike everywhere) which meant i got some time with the papa!

- tri-tip sandwiches from the los olivos country market.

- a gorgeous wedding at an old farmhouse in santa ynez that was brought shingle by shingle from appalachia. i have never seen a prettier event venue and hope that i have something to celebrate here one day (vow renewal?)

- a lovely drive down highway 1 (the king's highway) from santa barbara to malibu

- fresh fish from reel inn in malibu

- exploring property to build a house in topanga canyon (so exciting!) - would love to live in the country but still be close to the city and ocean

all images using instagram - my favorite new app - it's like a mini blog!


  1. I'm so happy to have found your blog! Your pictures, your life, your gorgeous little girl--everything is like a dream. Do you have any advice on which dslr is best for a beginner like me? You seem to know an awful lot about good photography and your friends all seem to be brilliant photographers.

  2. Living in Topanga Canyon would be a DREAM!!

    Good luck with your exciting search!!!

  3. These photos are gorgeous. I want your life right now. I'd much rather be there than studying for finals. UGH!

  4. hi like a cat,

    all of these photos were shot on my trusty old iPhone but i normally use a Canon 30D or a Canon 5D (when my husband lets me borrow it!)

    have fun and take some pictures!


  5. Reading this made me want to copy your every move.
    Have you considered being a tour guide? You could get one of those big red busses with a second story and just take your fans along with you as you narrate scene by scene.
    Michael could play the perfect background music to match the diverse feel of each location as you journey all over the
    and where-ever is next side.
    I’ll buy a ticket and hold the baby!

  6. Why am I the only person who doesn't get instagram? I think I need to spend more time with it. Maybe it will be my weekend project.

    Are you guys really building a house in Topanga??? How cool. Figueroa Farmhouse is frickin' amazing.

    Also, we should organize a ladies hike! I bet lots of peeps would like to go. away from the computers!!!

  7. ahhhhh, I do miss the Santa Barbara area.....Ojai, Ventura....Good memories and beautiful country...Wonderful to be able to watch Elodie grow this way...Thanks for sharing...


  8. what lovely photos and what a lovely blog you have here! I just discovered it and am loving it. Thank you!