Friday, April 8, 2011

tea time

i've decided not to go on my cleanse until may. good friends are in town and then i have a big trip at the end of the month. i just can't commit. i am going to give up a few things to hopefully get a little spring back in my step. coffee, wheat and (some) sugar. if my tea set up looks this good, it shouldn't be a problem.

oh, and we are off to north county (san diego) this weekend! even though it's meant to be rainy, i'm hoping for some walking on my favorite beach in leucadia, fish tacos and time with a few close old friends.

image: bellocq tea atelier via simple lovely


  1. i'm from north county and always make a point to have a delish breakfast/lunch at the zinc cafe in solana beach...what's your fave fish taco spot?

  2. so hope to see you this month! :) i just got a pair of little shorts from the littlest shop -- you have the CUTEST selection!! xoxo