Saturday, May 14, 2011

just shy of two and a half...

this weekend while we were lying in bed you jumped across me and i heard your heartbeat in my ear. it reminded me of the first time we met. i heard your heartbeat and i knew you existed and had to draw in the lines of who YOU were with my imagination. everyday you exceed my wildest visions of what love looks like. happy 29 months elodie.

you are verbally expressing emotions more this month 'makin' me sad', 'i so happy' and you love to say, 'make me happy' which is, um, a little unnerving i must admit. 'i do it myself' is still the catch phrase around the house. what an independent little person i see emerging. oh, and you are biting and hitting me. which feels terrible and i still don't know what to do about this.

you have a new nighttime ritual which consists of us covering you with your three aden + anais blankets. and then a pillow. and then a book. and you insist on falling asleep to this album.

songs you love:
yellow submarine
it's a small world
bare necessities

books you want to read:
an old copy of lady and the tramp
miffy places to go
on the night you were born


  1. she is so adorable in every way! it's amazing how quickly the become their own selves...mine is almost 3 1/2. oh if time could just stand still for a wee bit.

  2. How cute is she. I love how you are taking the time to document things like this. What a great Mom.

  3. so sweet! isn't having a little girl the best!?
    xo Mindy Sue B.