Sunday, May 8, 2011

my mother

there's only one mother. and this picture says everything. when i feel worried or upset, she still comforts me. when i am happy or have good news, she is my biggest fan. if not the mama, then who? there is a belief in some philosophies that you choose your parents, from them you learn everything, good and bad. i am so grateful i chose this wonderful woman.

for mother's day i gave her this bowl because she has taught me this phrase so well. i'm trying to live up to her example. i love you mama.

image: paloma's nest


  1. What a sweet gift. You look a lot like your little girl in this photo.

  2. brings a tear. so happy we chose together sister. thank you...

  3. This popped up under another post of yours that I was reading, and I swear I thought it was you and Elodie. You're so right, too...nobody knows us like our moms.

    Loving all of this week's posts. I'm going to go remind myself now what my dosha is:) xo