Wednesday, May 25, 2011

nyc > rome

i'm sooooo excited. this year on my birthday i will be waking up in one of my favorite cities in the world...rome! i've been many amazing places in italy but want to see somewhere new. if you have any places you think i should see, do let me know!

and now that i am officially dreaming of travel, i will be posting about my favorite trips in europe all this summer. stay tuned...

picture taken in positano, italy


  1. there are fewer things more spectacular than rome lit up at night ~ pure magic.

  2. yes, CAPRI- it takes some commitment to get there (train, taxi, ferry) but is well worth it. now i'm dreaming of campari orange and the smell of seawater, lemon and jasmine in the air.

  3. Italy.. such a beautiful country! Last year I spent a month traveling around these must-see cities... Cinque Terre, Milan, Tuscany (Siena, Florence, Pisa, Grosseto), Bologna, Venice, Genoa, and took the train into France for Nice & Monte Carlo. Have a great time!

    Ashley (a new reader)

  4. i just got married may 26 (this year) in positano. it was divine and everyone there, so kind. (i would not recommend any time in naples on your way in or out, however.)