Wednesday, May 18, 2011

since i cannot shut up about road trips ever

i thought i'd make a playlist in honor of them. sorry to anyone who finds all this road trip talk to be a bit boorish. you still might like this mix.

2 standout songs:

everybody's gotta live - love - this is fourth of july riding bikes around the lower east side in manhattan shooting bottle rockets at the buildings (yep. i did that).

tomorrow is a long time - elvis presley - summertime floating on a pennsylvania lake in the middle of a big stand of trees.

click to listen to part 1 (or right click to download)
click to listen to part 2 (or right click to download)

image found via daddytypes (and a great story behind the photo)


  1. What fun! Our road trips for now consist of the same songs over & over (my daughter is not good at "sharing" the radio but at least she likes Johnny Cash) and a lot of Henry crying (not a fan of the car seat). :)


  2. Perfect playlist. Love the Black Keys. And horay for road trips!

    Have a great day!
    You Are My Favorite

  3. Nice mix. Tip o the cap on the Phos, Beach House, and Dirty Beaches tracks. Good ones

  4. thanks for posting these! they're great for working at home too, not just roadtrips! : )

  5. My best memories are those of road trips I've taken as a child with my family, then later with friends and now with my own family. What a great playlist, I have a few road trips coming up this summer and these will be on the rotation for sure. Love that photo (and story!)

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  7. i love your music picks. it's not letting me download though. weird.

  8. thanks for the play list! it's really great!

  9. wonderful list! i'm going to play as i drive down the coast :)

    many thanks!

    <3 esther