Thursday, May 5, 2011

weekends are for road trips!

welllll we were heading up to big sur to celebrate mother's day as a family. i have been dreaming of our trip last september (for my birthday) - it was the first time we left elodie with grandparents and we had the most beautiful time. unfortunately hwy 1 is closed right above hearst castle which means we would have to drive an extra gazillion miles on hairpin roads to make it happen. so we are heading up to the central coast which is equally gorgeous (and closer) to spend some time in paso robles, san luis obispo and cambria. can't wait to see what we discover!

and a little recap of last year's big sur trip because i must have forgot to post it then. i'm getting a bit better at this...

highlights included:
- breakfast every morning at deetjens

- coffee from the big sur bakery

- dinner at nepenthe and post ranch inn

- hiking to waterfalls in julia pfeiffer burns state park

- spending our quiet afternoons sitting in adirondack chairs (with our feet in the big sur river) reading books newly acquired from the henry miller library

- yoga under the big redwoods outside our cabin

i'm going to do a proper post on this trip as we have so many lovely photos on a memory card somewhere. yep, sounds about right.


  1. You´re right weekends ARE for rode trips!!! I´m happy to say I have one comin´up tomorrow! Loving your sweet blog!!! Greetings from Mexico, Clau

  2. have a wonderful weekend. (and happy mother's day!) xo

  3. What a beautiful trip. I always want to go up California coast someday!