Wednesday, June 8, 2011

baby animals and me

betsy edelberg is starting a new developmental play class for toddlers (16 months on) called 'baby animals and me'. elodie has been taking classes with her independently and through outside the box since she was a wee one. we love how she includes movement, music and sensory integration in her lessons and we always have so much fun playing throughout the class!

this is every thursday in july (at 11 am) in a private home in the hollywood hills. sign up by friday june 10th for a 10% discount. more details here...


  1. This class sounds like so much fun! Are you signing Elodie up for this class? My only hesitation is that were coming up from orange county. Do you think its worth the drive?

  2. that is the coolest class ever. i seriously hope i can find something like this when i have children! wow!