Tuesday, June 28, 2011

baby shower ideas?

i am admittedly not the most crafty person and am somehow throwing two baby showers this month (one in london)!! i want them to be fun and original so if you have any great ideas or inspiration, please do share!

beautiful image from a field journal 


  1. I don't have any specific ideas to offer since I don't know the women personally, and that's where I usually draw my inspiration. However, pinterest.com is a great resource to find inspiration. type in key words like 'baby shower' and great ideas that people have pinned will show up! like Thing 1 and Thing 2 cupcakes (Dr. Seuss themed party)...red velvet cupcakes with blue cotton candy on the top..etc. good luck!

  2. decorate with handmade or store-bought bunting and use straws decorated with flags. also, a great idea is a Number Book. You can buy an inexpensive Scrapbook and dedicate a spread to each number 1-18. You can write the numbers in or use cut paper; whatever you choose. include a little note by the book telling guests to pick an age (one of the numbers) and write down something about it. it can be something like "2: get your running shoes on because you'll need them to catch up with the little guy/gal at this point"
    "5: encourage them to make friends their first year of school-you never know who will meet their best friend in Kindergarten!"
    "17: let them borrow the car. remember how much cooler you felt when you got to drive all your friends to the movies"
    These are just simple guidelines but can become really sweet details when personalized.

  3. Firstly: You're planning a baby shower in London? A fun event in my most favorite city. Lu-cky-duck.

    My shower wasn't that long ago, and the most special thing to me was a fun little scrapbook the girls put together. They each had a square of pretty paper and they were supposed to write down their favorite childhood memory--an activity that they did with their parents or another practice that I could easily incorporate into motherhood. They all went around the circle and shared what they had written, and then we pasted the squares into a book and decorated. It was so special because my mom was there, and so were some other veteran mothers, and it was neat to hear the stories and advice span generations.

    I also remember seeing photos of a "Build the Library" shower where each guest was asked to bring their favorite childhood book, and I thought that would have been so great to have!

  4. I just had a "build the library shower" that was very low key. It was great! Everyone bought a favorite book; some tucked little gift cards in with them or an outfit-but it was great to open up the books and pass them around. Everyone had their own story to tell about their favorite book!
    I don't really like games...so we had real simple ones. Like fill in the blanks of "Mom" (me) and "Dad"s (James) stories. The stories were seven multiple choice questions...Like "Your Mom was born on a (a. friday, b.saturday c.monday) and weighed (a. 8lbs b.9lbs c.7lbs)...
    you get the picture. The winners won simple, beautiful blank notebooks and pens. Then we had jars of paper with a question/demand on each..like "write a word of advice for the new parents" or "guess what day Asa will be born" so now we can put those slips in the baby book. The food was simple-had nothing to do with the theme! Just fruit salad, a big green salad, blondies and homemade ice cream. The centerpiece was a small stack of bright board books with flowers on top. Hope this helps and wasn't obnoxiously long.

  5. Hi! A couple of weekends ago I attended the most beautiful baby shower I have ever been to. Alexis, the Mama to be, Loves France, so it set the tone for the shower. We all brought something we made to eat and the attention to detail was amazing. Here is the post for some inspiration ideas. {grace hosted the shower} http://nameisgrace.blogspot.com/2011/06/baby-shower-brunch.html
    xo Samantha

  6. Hi Elizabeth! Your blog is absolutely lovely.

    My favorite gift at my own baby shower last year was a compilation of 'Wishes for Baby'. My friends were each given a card with fill in the blank statements addressed to my baby. Things like "I hope you grow_________." "I hope you love_________." "I hope you laugh________." The shower hosts gave me a scrapbook to compile them in, which I added to this year when guests at my son's first birthday each filled out a card with a message to him on it. I re-read all the messages frequently and one day will pass it on to my son.

    My not-so-secret vice is celebrity gossip, so at the shower my friends created a game with celebrity baby pictures. They made a big poster with a ton of photos of celebrities when they were babies. The guests were divided into two teams and each team had 5 minutes alone with the poster to try and guess as many of the photos as they could. I've also played this game using baby photos of shower guests instead of celebrities.

    Finally, I hosted a shower last year where the guests were each asked to bring a children's book for the mama. We created a custom bookplate sticker that could be stuck in each book saying who the book was from with a space for a personal message to the baby.

    Good luck!


  7. my girls threw me the most awesome mexican fiesta / adult themed baby shower complete with lots of handmade paper flowers... here's a link! http://www.lifeandbaby.com/showers-parties/2011/6/1/baby-shower-mexican-fiesta.html

    happy planning...