Sunday, June 12, 2011

stream of consciousness

i have been thinking a lot about inspiration. the feeling i get from a beautiful image, reading a book, or listening to music. my mind starts tingling because the word combinations of a travel essay are exquisite, a song transports me to another time and place, a photo of a little row boat docked in an ancient stony port feels liberating. then there are the many, many online outlets; pinterest, instagram, twitter, google reader, blog after blog after blog. endless ideas. endless inspiration.


our minds aren't meant to be captive audiences. what is happening to our own inspiration and creativity? i came across this article (online naturally) with brian eno that really confirms what in my own mind i struggle with. the balance between having our brains online and the beauty of taking them offline to let all of the images, sounds, feelings alight in a new way. in those quiet moments, something beautiful can rise to the surface. i'm going to try it.

image: lissy elle {check out her amazing flickr}


  1. Wow. A great article.

  2. I do feel lately that I'm bombarded with beauty via the internet, and it can make me miss everyday beauty in my own life. My daughters' faces, smudgy with jam, sunscreen smells, the first bite of a homemade pizza... these move me and SHOULD move me more that what I see online. It's good to take a break for perspective. Thanks for your thoughts. :)

  3. I just discovered your blog thanks to Cup of Jo, and I just wanted to say hello and I love everything I've read so far! This post in particular really resonated with me. Amazing how sometimes it takes a reminder in an unexpected place to make us stop, slow down, relax, and just be inately inspired. Thank you for that reminder. :)