Tuesday, June 14, 2011

happy half birthday

my sister started a tradition many years ago with her five children to celebrate their half-birthday as their 'berry day'! they do something fun and have a treat using their berry. i really love this idea since elodie's birthday is december 14th and right in the middle of the holidays which can be a bit of a drag. i am making elodie's half-birthday berry a strawberry after my sister andrea (aj strawberry!) we are going to music class this afternoon and then going to make strawberry shortcake. i can't wait to celebrate...

happy half birthday elodie! you are now 2 1/2 years old. this month has been wonderful -- you have started wearing undies, use big words like 'hippopotamus' and 'rhinoceros' and say things like 'the horse went to the coffee shop to get some underwear.' you can also identify all the letters in the alphabet and numbers too (one of your favorite games right now is reading the numbers and colors on uno cards.) you are my dreamer. always singing songs and looking up into the sky. you remind me to do both and i love you for it. you always want to be carried around in the sling and to hold our hand. i just cannot get enough of you. time, please slow down.

your favorite songs this month:
day-o - harry belafonte
satisfy my soul - bob marley
skip to my lou - elizabeth mitchell
i will - beatles - you call this 'papa's song' since it's been his lullaby to you since you were born

your favorite books:
caps for sale (you love saying 'you monkeys you, you better give me back my cap!)
baby beluga - an oldie but a goody!

p.s. my sister just informed me that a full moon in june (tomorrow) is called a strawberry moon


  1. Adorable! I love this idea! I also adore your blog, im a new follower. Come and check out mines if you like.


  2. i think this idea is so so sweet, especially the berry part. also i love elodie's dress

  3. oh my, you have the cutest daughter. I absolutely love her little bangs too, so perfect!

  4. Beautiful pictures!! I remember 2 1/2. I always thought the cutest years were when they were 2 1/2 and 3 1/2. So sweet!

  5. what a great tradition! happy berry day elodie! perfect choice since strawberries are amazingly delicious right now. hope its a very special night!

  6. my mum always said she'd do this if any of us were born around christmas. birthdays can get lost within all the festivities. happy berry day elodie!

  7. How perfect, a strawberry moon! God, I love I Will. Your sweet little girl sounds so incredibly SMART! Happy half-birthday to her:)