Friday, June 17, 2011

my father

there are no words that can describe what my dad means to me. i have never met someone so traditional yet so open minded in my life. he is truly the funniest person i know. i'd like to say i inherited my weird sense of humor from him. he can go somewhere one time and then recall it by memory from then after. i'd also like to think i inherited that from him. i truly hope that one day elodie feels for her papa the way i feel for mine. we have done and still do so much together. i am so grateful we have you in our life.

thank you dad for taking me to see prince when i was a teenager. thank you for standing out in the cold and tying my ski boots for me. thank you for always being up for a hike, bike ride, snowmobile or snowboarding trip. thank you for supporting me wholeheartedly when i told you i was moving to france. thank you for reassuring me when things get hard. i always wondered how you had the energy to love me so much, give me so much. now as a parent i finally understand.

this poem always reminds me of you.

one of my favorite things in the world is when you wake me up for an early morning snowboard trip. it reminds me of all the times we set out on our cross-country camping trips before sunrise. the sound of you opening the door, saying my name and the feeling of shaking off sleep for an adventure is a part of my being.


  1. That was amazingly beautiful. And I love both of the photos. I know my girls already feel the same way about their dad and that makes me so happy. Have a great weekend:) xx

  2. This is how it should be. So beautifully full of love, I can't stand it.

  3. I totally identify with this post. My dad is also amazing and super dedicated to my brother and I. Thanks for writing this (and reminding me that writing a fathers day post is on my to do list). Have fun with your dad tomorrow.