Tuesday, June 7, 2011

sling babies

i was asked to participate in the sakura bloom styleathon by the always inspiring leigh of marvelous kiddo! at first i was hesitant because elodie is much older than all of the other babies but, as i do still wear her and really think baby wearing is an amazing way to keep your child happy, i said yes! 

i love seeing a wide range of mamas incorporate their own personal style into something that benefits their babies greatly. i was encouraged to wear elodie by my older sister andrea (mama of five), younger sister cassandra (mama of two) and dear friend lenora (mama of two) who always wore their babies from infant through toddlerhood. wearing your child fosters such a sweet connection and is a good way to still get things done! for the past year i have been wearing elodie in the ergo on my back and recently sakura bloom sent me some beautiful slings which elodie loves to be carried in.  

there are going to be some fantastic giveaways on marvelous kiddo (starting tomorrow) which i will let you know about in the days ahead. i am a bit nervous because i don't know exactly what these style assignments will entail but i do feel a little like james bond waiting to find out! it is also fantastic to be in the company of other awesome mamas - joanna, 'miss' james, danielle, natalie, aura, jen, melisa and sharmadean

i have also dug up some pretty cute pictures of me wearing elodie when she was a teeny baby instead of a gigantic toddler which i am going to be putting up. here we are 2 days after she was born...wow, i look delirious!


  1. Those photos are LOVE. So excited to see the Styleathon unfold!


  2. Wow, this is such a cool thing! you and baby both look beautiful!

  3. you two are so beautiful, mama. I have to tell you i'm envious. Wolfie and I just couldn't get the darn sling to work....I tried repeatedly (maybe it was the kind i had, maybe I wasn't doing it quite right, but it was not his cuppa tea!).

    Elodie is SUCH a love bug!