Monday, July 25, 2011

baby animals in beachwood canyon

i posted a while back about the 'baby animals and me' class that my friend betsy was organizing. it's pretty much the sweetest thing ever. at the beginning of the class she sent out a little sheet of 'guidelines' entitled 'children play best.' it really made an impression on me so i'm sharing here.

children play best...
when adults are watchful but not instructive.
when their trust in life is whole, when they welcome the unknown and are fearless.
when the world is shared with them. when there are places and spaces they can make their own.
when the games are free of adult agenda and when their transformations require no end product.
when their senses are directly engaged with nature and the elements.
when they can reveal themselves, their joys, sufferings and concerns, without fear of ridicule and when mystery and imagination are not defined by fact.

it reminded me of magda gerber's books but a little less instructive to the parents themselves.

i've really enjoyed this series, which is coming to an end this week. i can't wait to see what she comes up with next! here are some pictures from the first class which takes place under two huge joshua trees. i have more scheduled to post later this week while i'm in london which have a baby timberwolf and tubs full of babies. oooh!

'children play best' from 'the genius of play' by sally jenkinson 
pictures of jude, elodie, felix and lake


  1. Oh, my daughter would have lost it over that baby turtle. She has turtle mania, has a collection from the aquarium that she sleeps with, and has even insisted on "turtle" as a nickname.

    The dress you asked about is Enchanted Enfant, btw ;)

  2. such sweet photos! i love the look of intense curiosity and joy tempered by just thaaat much nervousness of the unknown. you have a incredibly beautiful daughter and your blog is such a joy! thank you for sharing!

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  4. aw... i love the quote... thank you so much for sharing. it's so important to remember what matters the most when it comes to being with a little one. I kind of want to be one of the kids who live in the quote:)