Monday, July 11, 2011

hotter than july...

this weekend michael was in maine and elodie and i had the weekend to explore summer (and try to keep cool!) we definitely made the most of it:

music class
a quick bite at food + lab 
then off to the cutest little lemonade stand i ever did see put on by my lovely friend paige
after a quick nap in the car (gotta get those in somehow) we had a pool party with some more fun friends and then home
i fell asleep on the couch

morning coffee at cafe de leche in highland park where we read some cute books
the rose bowl flea market and lemon ice in the park
a loooong nap for both of us (well i worked a bit)
and then papa came home just in time for dinner.

sweet summer lovin!

top: polaroids by max wanger
bottom: my instagram


  1. oh I wish we'd get some of that lovely weather over here!!

  2. Great pictures! Food+Lab....I must go...

  3. what a dreamy weekend!

    ps: hi! i've been reading/loving your blog for longer than i should admit considering my lackluster track record with commenting!

  4. You have srsly mastered the art of the instagram, E! Maybe you should hold a workshop. Love the photos, as always.


  5. Hi there, I just stumbled upon your blog from the baby sling stylathon and I am enjoying it. I was wondering which instagram filter you used on these photos.