Thursday, July 28, 2011

louise's backyard bbq shower

today i'm in london hosting my best friend's baby shower so i thought i'd post the other really fun baby shower we had last week for my sweet friend louise lynch (look at how beautiful she is!) we had a backyard bbq, cupcakes from lark with sparklers that spelled B-A-B-Y and a game where each person had to put what they thought the lynches should name their little boy (and the lynches had to guess who they thought put the name.) how cool is it that their last name is lynch? the kid is going to be bad ass without even trying. sooo anyone have any cute names they'd like to share? we can't wait to meet you baby lynch!


  1. Lionel (pronounced Leo-Nel)

  2. I love the sparkler cupcakes! Your blog is such a happy place..

  3. Looks like you had a fab time! Enjoy rest of your stay! x

  4. Aww, looks like a great time. Thanks for sharing. As for names for the young Lynch lad, I'd go with:

    or Vincent.

    Do you follow the blog, You Can't Call It It? How crazy is it that somebody's job title is "professional baby namer?" I think it's kinda rad, actually.