Thursday, July 7, 2011


sometimes before we start dinner at night i let elodie watch a little of my favorite disney vignettes. here are a couple of them...

disney's robin hood title sequence complete with 'the whistle stop song' - elodie loves when we whistle this song to her before bed!

'oo-de-lally' from the same movie!

the elephant song from jungle book

a spoonful of sugar from mary poppins

golden afternoon from alice in wonderland

la la lu from lady and the tramp

once upon a dream from sleeping beauty

what are your favorites? i can't wait to show her the siamese cat song from lady and the tramp when she is a bit older.

image: still from robin hood


  1. AH! i LOVE this movie. i sing the ooo-de-lally song all of the time and i haven't seen robin hood in YEARS. i also love how he explains what a "folk singer" is...

  2. Hahaha. This Robin Hood makes me think of college--I don't know why, but we were all OBSESSED with it and "Oo-de-lally" was our catch-phrase of choice.

    And I always sing "la la lu" to Iris before bed. Or "Stay Awake" from Mary Poppins.

    I just discovered your sweet blog recently and spent yesterday afternoon reading all your past posts. LOVELY :)

    I am currently pregnant with my first little guy and hubs and I are moving from NYC to LA only two months after he is born. Reading your posts about the fun activities you do with your family is getting me so excited for the move and more certain that we are making the right choice.
    Thanks agin for sharing your stories!
    I am here:

  4. So fun! :)
    I just found my disney record from when I was a little girl, my favorite song was "The Green Grass Grew All Around" ( It was great giving it another spin on the turntable.

  5. robin hood is my favorite disney movie.

  6. I think she'll like this:
    Joanna suggested it for Jackson a week or so ago, and I love it as much as he does :)

  7. obviously Baby Mine from Dumbo
    I also love the two you mentioned from Robin Hood
    Golden Afternoon from Alice
    La La Lu and Once Upon a Dream.
    This is a DreamWorks picture but both my girls fall asleep EVERY time I sing The River Lullaby from The Prince of Egypt, sometimes I sing it how it was written other times I customize bits of it to fit us.
    Hush now, my baby
    Be still, love, don't cry
    Sleep as you're rocked by the stream
    Sleep and remember my last lullaby
    So I'll be with you when you dream
    River, o river
    Flow gently for me
    Such precious cargo you bear
    Do you know somewhere
    he can live free
    River, deliver him there...
    The opening song gives me chills every time I hear it. But that's beside the point.
    So This is Love from Cinderella. Lots of humming.

    I'll stop there. :)

  8. How fun...and some of these are Audrey's favorites too!

  9. Love this. Robin Hood was far and away my favorite Disney movie as a child...I even had a crush on Robin himself! True story! The songs are such classics, it's hard to match them tho a few from Aladdin are nearly as enjoyable. Have you heard the Mumford & Sons "cover" of Not in Nottingham? Perfection: