Thursday, July 14, 2011

a time for play

over 4th of july weekend we went to palos verdes to visit some friends who were taking a holiday down there - we took a walk along the seaside, skipped rocks, went swimming and played until the children crashed on the beds. the next day we had a morning play date at our friend amanda's house - elodie and malena played in their green summer garden, frolicked in the kitty pool and ate homemade peach popsicles. there is something so beautiful about watching elodie be with her friends. she still does parallel play quite a bit but seeing her silly side come out during moments with her little buddies or grabbing a hand of a friend makes my heart swell all the way up outside my body and across the ocean (i like it alot.) it is also interesting to watch her first moments of conflict and realize that she is subject, like all of us, to moments of pain and confusion. i love watching all of her experiences.

today you are 31 months. this has been a watershed month for you - you are wearing undies fulltime now!! we took you to pick out your own underwear (bambi and minnie mouse) and the rest was history. we are so proud of you! you love to wear dresses and get upset if we leave the house without one (even to carry).

in the car the other day you said, 'i'm not a little baby, i'm a little girl' - so bittersweet for me but it's really beautiful to watch you grow.

activities you like:
- watercolors, watercolors and more watercolors - big pads of paper, a few brushes and we have ourselves a great afternoon
- you love puzzles and are going after more complex ones
- calling mama on this fisher price phone
- you like picking up sticks/branches when we go hiking
- you are also really in to being a naked little summer baby and play for hours in the sprinklers!

- you love to strum the guitar and sing 'twinkle, twinkle, little star'
- mama sings you 'good night moon aka stay awake' from mary poppins every night
- smile of the crocodile

- summer by gerda muller
- the bear's new friend by karma wilson
- i am a bunny by ole risom (she has always loved this one!)

you love your bla bla bunny, the unicorn delilah gave you and your special summer blanket all the way from rajasthan!

i love you sweet girl. you are growing like a weed!


  1. Mine is almost four now and the changing emotions on her face are even more transparent. It makes me want to stand up and protect her from all doubt, all embarrassment, all uncertainty. Which is ridiculous, of course. I can't do that, nor should I. But every emotion that passes over her face casts sunlight and clouds on my heart.

  2. You daughter is adorable!! and the beach looks amazing. What a sweet note you wrote to your daughter. I need to do something like this for my son!

    Notes She Wrote

  3. "it is also interesting to watch her first moments of conflict and realize that she is subject, like all of us, to moments of pain and confusion." = i love this.

  4. bitter sweet... i know exactly how that feels (and we're only 13 months in... :)

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