Wednesday, July 27, 2011

who's afraid of the little baby wolf?

so the graphic for the 'baby animals and me' class comes from the book 'baby animals' by the excellent illustrator gyo fujikawa. we own this book and i sure am glad we did because the main phrase in it is 'baby animals come big and small. they are very young, so they like to be petted and snuggled...gently.'

we really needed this reminder today as a 4 month old timberwolf came to visit. today's class also had a baby pot bellied pig (the big bad wolf and the little pig - ha!) and a chicken. super fun! here are some pics.


  1. I looove wolves. I've been hoping to see a wild one since moving to where I am.. but it's not likely to happen since they're very wary of human activity.

    Was this wolf someone's pet? He's gorgeous.

    Love all the kids in the pools! Naked pool party! Hahaha

  2. Every little animals are so cute!!

  3. Wow, very nice post! Welcome here!

  4. Wonderful photos! How do I envy these kids! I also want to take a bath in a basin, but don't fit it already...

  5. What nice kids :) Great photos. The best years of every person is childhood.