Monday, August 15, 2011

i almost three

this weekend you said to me 'i almost three' and my heart sunk just a little bit. i know i'm supposed to be excited for that but i love where you are right now. it has been such a beautiful summer - in the last month we have been to big sur, paso robles and seattle - we have seen so much family and i love watching you with your cousins, aunts and grandparents (including great-grandma!) this morning i held you in my arms and said 'i love you' and you snuggled me back and said 'i love you too.' i have to admit, your temper can be something fierce nowadays, you have hit and bit me which makes me feel terrible (and is also a bit funny i'm ashamed to admit.) it has been a little bit of a learning curve for us during this new phase. you are teaching us so much about patience and looking at our own stubbornness. i would take any of those storm clouds that pass over your day for just a minute of your sunshine. i love you sugar. 

things you like:
- you adore these a-b-c magnets i brought back from london
- you love to climb on anything you can and i even found you on the counter yesterday getting into papa's m&m stash!
- we are doing lots and lots of dress up - maybe four changes a day?
- you love to ride your bike, run across the park and fall down with dramatic effect
- any and all type of water play with lots of little cups to pour to and from make you really content
- you still love to grab down my shirt - such a source of comfort for you

- you sing 'it's a small world' and 'smile of the crocodile' incessantly
- mama sings you 'good night moon aka stay awake' from mary poppins every night (and papa sings 'i will' by the beatles)
- you sit in the back of the car and when you hear a song of mama's that you like you ask 'what's that?' and sing with me 

- summer by gerda muller (still)
- miffy dances by dick bruna
- the poky little puppy counting book (cousin delilah gave you this)

you love your miffy dolly, the turtle we got to help you fall asleep and being piled under all the pillows on mama's bed and going to the 'coco' (whatever that means!) and making a 'fork' (fort). you make your mama and papa laugh so much. 


  1. THIS is so sweet. I have written monthly letters to my daughter since she was born (and weekly while I was pregnant) on my blog. It's such a joy to look back at them and helpful to look forward at yours! Those photos are just lovely. The light is perfect.


  2. She is just the most beautiful little girl! I can only imagine how FUN and still bittersweet each new birthday is.

  3. i love everything about this post! it seems like such a wonderful, intimate way to connect with your daughter over the years. absolutely noting this down for when i have kids. :)

    sweet elodie is looking cuter than ever in her little white shift!


  4. All I can do is cry. My heart aches...

    Aunt Cassandra

  5. I totally get that simultaneous feeling of heart swelling and sinking at the prospect of them growing. Oh to be able to freeze time. I remember already feeling nostalgic and bittersweet when my daughter turned one week..!

  6. Oh please do tell where I can find that sweet white dress?! Jade x

  7. So glad this is happening to you, not me--I am safe for a few months, but three is just around the corner (and now I'm having trouble breathing...). Lovely, lovely pictures. I adore girls in white dresses.

  8. i am so glad you said your heart sunk a little bit when she said she's almost three. i have a three WEEK old and i'm already getting anxious about his growing up. i feel like a crazy person (and with post partum hormones, i am quite sure i am a bit crazy). but i just want to stop time and keep him in this newborn phase for longer than he will be. ohhh such is life.

  9. This post is so wonderfully sweet. What a gift to us and your adorable daughter!

  10. thank you! just to answer, she is wearing a nightgown i got for her when i was in london from 'the little white company' - they have the best little nighties over there!!

  11. awwwwwwwwww. the sweetest. (i sing henry 'i will')